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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is the process where a user provides 2 or more forms of information (factors) to prove their identity. Traditionally, factors include:

  • Something you know – a password,  PIN or pattern

  • Something you have – a smart-phone, hardware token or SMS

  • Something you are – biometrics: Face or retinal scan, fingerprints, voice

  • Something you are doing – transaction verification

By introducing a second layer of authentication, the vulnerabilities of using only one factor, particularly vulnerable passwords, are mitigated.

What is an Auth Token?

The Auth Network is powered by the Auth Token, a cryptocurrency that is earned by partners who perform logon processing work and is spent by application providers who integrate blockchain MFA into their solutions. Auth Tokens are not required by users who need to login.

What is an Auth Network Partner?

An Auth Network partner is a node on the network which offers authentication processing work in exchange for Auth Tokens. A partner may offer different authentication strengths, features and prices to differentiate themselves.

How Can I Invest in Auth Network?

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