Decentralised Passwordless MFA and Smart Contract Verification

Blockchain Multi-Factor

We are passionate about building next-gen innovative authentication technology that will disrupt the industry. Since 2015, we’ve provided high-quality traditional security products to our customers and now are expanding onto the blockchain. Get in touch today to learn more.


Why Blockchain MFA

Trust, scalability and cost.

Traditional authentication solutions are highly centralised and monolithic. Total trust is required in the vendor even though many have been compromised previously. Furthermore, costs are typically high with a per user per month subscription model and ever-increasing infrastructure and management costs as the user base grows.

The AUTH Network changes everything by distributing the authentication workload onto the blockchain for complete transparency and ultimate scalability. There is no per-user subscription model and logging on is free for end-users.

Logins are paid for with AUTH Tokens which are priced in $USD and can be purchased with any major fiat or cryptocurrency. AUTH Partners can earn AUTH Tokens by adding computing power to the network.


Logon Technologies

Multiple options with no password required.

Our Multi-Factor Authentication works with multiple and complementary authentication technologies. Use Grid Pattern authentication, Stanard OTC, Biometrics or Location-Aware Push to deliver Authentication in multiple combinations for total flexibility.

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Introducing The AUTH Network

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